Choisya 'White Dazzler':


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Check out the White Dazzler Video  27th April 2013




A dense compact hardy shrub with beautifully even branching,

covered in Spring & Autumn with huge numbers of white scented  flowers

A very attractive plant at all stages of growth, minimum pruning from Liner

to Garden Centre, Patio Pot, mixed border planting, even a Hedge









She is soo happy with White Dazzler! She saw it in Groei&Bloei

Photo by Peter van Rijssen 



Another superb introduction   'Aztec Pearl x dumosa'

White Dazzler is the latest creation of Peter Moore. This superb Choisya
produces a very tightly packed flower-head, flowers twice a year, has a
wonderful scent and is resistant to -18C and to snow. It is a must-have
plant for your home. There is most certainly a place for it in your garden,
whether in the open ground or on the terrace in a nice pot.
For  all major retail nurseries and Garden Centres

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Must read

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Posted 5th June 2009





































Stockists:  Longstock Park Nursery

And all major Chains and independent Garden Centres

My thanks to Sue Jenkins, a member of the Wyevale team for coming up with the winning name 'White Dazzler'


Wolfgang Bopp Curator of the World famous Hillier Gardens.

has planted White Dazzler,  outside the new Visitors Centre

After seeing this new Choisya in Roy Lancaster                                                                                          


          Globe Planter     Peter Moore


Choisya are  doing well . It takes time to build up . The plant is fantastic and we have never seen disease on the plants at the growers nursery.

We are introducing this plant in Spain , Portugal and Italy as well! The habit is regular and almost compact, and the plant is flowering two times per year!

 Jean Poulliart   14th August 2008



Hello Peter,


I do a bit of blogging on the Horticulture Week website covering new varieties, Would you mind if I kicked off the new year 2011 with a bit on some of your varieties, I wanted to push the benefits of Choisya White Dazzler, then move on the Oenothera Give Me Sunshine and your Weigela Ruby Anniversary, which I think is a cracking plant!

Is there anything else worth mentioning at this stage? I do write throughout the year so can always do more!




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